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"This cookbook is the bible for fun pasta: it contains simple recipes for the author's signature colorful pasta using natural ingredients, instructions on forming a huge variety of pasta shapes, and a range of sauces to serve the pasta with. The writing and techniques are approachable for all skill levels including beginners." -Chelsea Klukas

"While the obvious selling point is the absolutely stunning colorful pasta...don't let that fool you. This is DELICIOUS pasta! Linda's recipes show a deft sophistication in technique and flavor that you will be able to master and enjoy! Making your own filled pasta is incredibly satisfying and much easier than you think. In no time you will be making insanely color pasta in a multitude of shapes and wondering what took you so long to start down this path!" -Gregory Wright

"This book is amazing, it's both accessible and aspirational. If you've never made a noodle in your life or if you do it like it's your job (even if it is your job!) there is something for everyone. The photos are incredible and the explanations are thoughtful and well written. There is no better way to become a master pasta maker!
Its perfect for all skill levels, it's going to make an incredible hostess gift for anyone I visit during the holidays!" -Jackie Dodd